Our bathroom shelves are filled with cosmetic products that have “dermatologically tested” written on them. Can this claim be used by anyone, what kind of a test does the cosmetics have to pass and what does it really mean?

“Dermatologically tested” means that the product is tested on volunteers and the testing is performed by an independent certified laboratory under the supervision of a dermatologist who, at the end of the test, provides his/her expert opinion.

One of the dermatological tests necessary for the registration of a cosmetic product, is a test of exposure with a band-aid i.e. “the patch test”. This test checks whether the cosmetic product, when in contact with the skin, causes irritation and inflammation, the state of the skin is evaluated after 48 and 72hours after the cosmetic product has been applied. 

The testing can be done only on individuals with the normal type of skin or also on those that have already experienced the sensitivity of the reactions.  

Since the safety of our users is a number one priority for us and since we wish for our effective cosmetic line LAbelage to help as many women as possible achieve a beautiful skin, we of course have decided for a more demanding test.  

All dermatologically controlled L’Abelâge Diamond Edition products have shown that women, including those with sensitive skin, tolerate the products well without any irritation of the skin. 

The patch test under dermatological supervision in which female volunteers with normal, atopic and sensitive skin participated has confirmed that the skin tolerates the products well, and that they do not cause any irritation or allergies. Dermatological tests confirmed safety and have classified the products as non-irritating. 

Having effectiveness, satisfaction and safety in mind, we have added to all the legally determined tests a variety of additional dermatological and instrumental tests. You can check the evidence here.

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